CALLEBAUT No Sugar Added Chocolate callets (10kg) – Dark (54%)

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A flavour bomb with natural sweetness.
Callebaut® offers a great chocolate alternative for your customers who are into solid cocoa and chocolate flavour, yet at the same time want to avoid sugar. This malchoc chocolate is a real power bomb – with about 86% cocoa solids. The pleasant hints of sweetness in taste is great. Moreover, this chocolate has a very pleasant mouth feel thanks to the dietary fibre that replaces sugar.
Malchoc chocolate is at its best for flavouring ganaches, pastry mousses, crèmes and desserts like ice cream. It also gives drinks a solid chocolate boost, without the sugar.
Malchoc chocolate enables you to promote your finished products with labels such as ‘no added sugar’, ‘sweetened by Malchoc ‘ or ‘made with chocolate without added sugar’. Contact your local Callebaut® representative for more information about the criteria for applying this labelling.

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